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How to Fish

  • Tackle, Lures & Bait

    Takle: A medium to heavy action rod with a spinning reel or bait cast reel with 10-20 pound line.
    Lures: Use brightly colored lures: Plugs, Spinner Baits, Spoons
    Bait: Cut Bait, Freshwater Live Bait,

  • Location & Bite

    • Preferred Water Temp: 52-56 ° F
    • Rivers: Columbia, Cowlitz, Lewis, Wind, Willamette

Clean & Fillet

<B>Chinook Salmon

More commonly known as a “king”, “spring” or “tyee”, the Chinook Salmon is the largest species of all pacific salmon. They are widely targeted by sportfishermen due to their robust strength and fine taste. There are several distinct characteristics that separate a Chinook from the other salmonid species. The Chinook salmon has black gums, therefore it is also called a blackmouth. Its blue-green back and tail are completely covered with tiny spots. An average size Chinook can be between 10lb and 20lb, with Fall Chinook as large as 50lbs.


Coho Salmon 

It is one of the top gamefish species in the Pacific Northwest, Coho Salmon are targeted by anglers due to their acrobatic skills and tasty meat both in the ocean and rivers. Characterized by its ability to retain its chrome appearance until the final spawning stage, the Coho Salmon is also commonly known as “silvers” or “bluebacks”. An average sizeCoho can be between 10lb and 15lb.</B>