July 24, 2015 WDFW Fishing Rule Change

Upper Columbia to close
for sockeye salmon retention

Actions:  Close the Columbia River to sockeye retention from Rocky Reach Dam to Chief Joseph Dam.

Effective date: One hour after official sunset on July 26, 2015.

Species affected: Sockeye salmon

Location: From Rocky Reach Dam upstream to Chief Joseph Dam.

Reason for action:  Elevated water temperatures in the Columbia River have resulted in higher-than-expected mortalities of sockeye salmon returning to the Okanogan River.  Fish destined to return to the Okanogan River are staging in the Columbia River above the Rocky Reach Dam. This fishing closure for sockeye salmon is needed to protect these fish from harvest and allow them to migrate to their spawning grounds when water temperatures improve.

Check the fishing hotline at 360-902-2500 or the webpage at https: